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Kgosatsana Wealth CreationAbout Us

Kgosatsana Wealth Creation (Pty) Ltd is a company which provides training, that will enable you to understand how to trade on different financial markets globally.

We have partnered up with a large brokerage firm, our partner has been a member of the financial markets since the year 2000, servicing institutional and private clients.

Through our partnership, we offer services all over South Africa, from our head offices in Sandton.

We also created a simplified training method which enables you to understand how to trade (buying and selling of stocks for profit).

WhyChoose Us

We add value to our clients financial understanding by transferring skills of how to let money work for them instead of them working for money.

WhatWe Offer

  • Training on financial markets
  • Get face to face brokerage support
  • Participate in the mainstream economy
  • Can invest in other regions via JSE
  • Our clients can trade and invest themselves
  • And many more
  • Wealth ManagementMany ways to acquire skills, one place to do it.

    Fundamental Analysis

    Learn the careful study and analysis of the financial instruments before you invest.

    Powerful Trading Tools

    Through our strategic partnerships, we will train you to make use of advanced trading platforms.

    Full Suite of Products

    Our training programs are designed to ensure that you can use an array of available trading tools.

    Work with an Advisor

    We are always available to attend to your enquiries. A personal advisor will be assigned to your training needs.

    Register NowLearn how to trade alongside our dedicated stockbrokers.

    We believe in transparency and the transferring of skills in the best possible manner, where our clients get to experience what the financial markets is all about - not forgetting what they will be able to get out of it.